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Why Speedsz?

No Quality Deterioration

Due to our revolutionary patented technology, the images are compressed without any quality deterioration.

Size Reduction

50-60% less size than the original!

Freewares are a hassle!

  • Images compressed with freewares suffer from quality loss.
  • With us, there is no noticeable quality loss.
  • Integrating freewares with your workflow is hassle.
  • Our easy to use image compression tool and website optimizer tool can be integrated with your workflow in a jiffy!

Save bandwidth and speed up your website

Content heavy websites take more time to load. Furthermore, it also takes significantly more space to store the web pages. Use our image optimizer tool to drastically cut down on page load time and storage.

Improve your search ranking

Search rank heavily depend upon the page load time. Lesser load time means better ranking in search engines! Check out Google’s page speed insights before and after using our optimizer tool.

Upgrade UX

Faster load times means better UX for your users. Better UX for users means more likely they would return to your website!

Great ROI

Save CDN Costs

Cut down on CDN costs by running your images through our compression tool. The images are compressed while not degrading in quality!

Better UX

Websites optimized through our tool take significantly less time to load thus leading to better UX for your users.

Increase Profits

Better UX for your users mean more people visit your website. Users rate the page load time as one of the primary factor to consider revisiting the website. This together with less CDN costs lead to better profit margin

Based On Patented Technology

Our optimizer tool is backed by best compression algorithms that guarantee no quality deterioration while reducing its size.

Compatible Across Various Modern Browsers And Platform

Our compressed image is compatible with most modern browsers like Chrome and Mozilla, and with mobile operating system like Android.