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Meet Our Image Compression Technology

Our image compression technology can help reduce the size of your website by compressing the images while keeping its full size and resolution. It can save your data, CDN costs and time to load the pages thus improving your search engine ranking. Our optimization tool are backed by patented compression algorithms which helps to make images smaller without suffering any quality loss.

Original Image: 9.98 MB

Speedsz compressed image: 1.69 MB

The image has been compressed by 83%

Information On The Internet Has Been Exploding !

Ever since the advent of smartphones, data stored on the internet has seen a phenomenal rise

If the current rate of data increase continues, the result would be catastrophic

Tons of data leads to higher cost in storing and transmitting

Images and videos contribute to more than 60 percent of data on the internet

Cameras on smartphone have become better but storage capacity in the devices haven’t shown the same growth

Technology which reduces your data storage and internet bill by 50%

Our Main Services

  • B2B Mobile Application

    A business to business mobile application is available which compresses images on the fly.

  • Server Plugin

    A plugin is available for the server which is a easily integrable with your workflow. It compresses images seamlessly on the background as the images arrive.

  • SAAS

    Speedsz is available as a software as service model.

  • API

    Application Programming Interface is available for developers.

B2B Mobile Application
Server Plugin

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